UV Sun Protection Matters

At Eyeland, we only sell sunglasses that effectively block harmful Ultra Violet Light (UV) to the fullest extent. Before you buy any sunglasses, read the tag. Look for: 100% UV 400 nm. The 400 nm (nanometers) refers to the range of UV. Using polarized lenses will also reduce the kind of “blinding glare” that can make driving difficult. This reduction comes with added vision benefits: More comfort, sharper vision and more vivid color.

Essential fashion accessory or urban environment defense system?

However you see your sunglasses, we have a pair that will match your requirements.


Choose from our extensive selection of high style eyeglasses designer frames to make sure you look good. We also offer a wide choice of UV protective lenses to make sure you see just as well. For maximum convenience most of our eyewear sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses. If you pursue an active sport such as yachting, skiing, driving, shooting, or fishing then we can produce specialist sunglasses.

Why come into our showroom at our Silver Spring, MD location and see what suits you?

Our Sunglasses are customizable! You can choose from the following sunglasses lens finishes: 

Silver Mirrored

Rose Gold Mirrored 

Blue, Black, rainbow mirrored and many more!


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