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Protective Eyewear at Eyeland Optical 

You may think of your glasses or contacts as a smart way to optimize your vision, thus protecting your eyes from the strain (and your body from accident injuries) as you go through your daily life. But there are also glasses and goggles specifically designed to protect your eyes against damage. If you or someone you love plays sports or performs potentially hazardous activities, you need to know about the sight-saving protective eyewear options we provide here at Eyeland Optical, serving the Aspen Hill area. Bring the prescription from your doctor and receive a discount when you buy frame and lenses!

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Why You or Your Loved Ones Need Protective Eyewear

Under what circumstances might someone need specialized protective eyewear? High-speed or high-impact sporting activities are one obvious example. You can't afford to have your glasses (and your face) smashed in a collision, nor do you want to have a contact lens get dislodged and crunched underfoot before you can retrieve it. Safety eyewear such as sports goggles is designed to wrap snugly around your face and withstand a certain amount of impact without hurting you. These and other kinds of safety glasses typically feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. People who perform carpentry or other forms of construction will also appreciate safety goggles' ability to shield their eyes from flying debris.

But impacts aren't the only dangers protective eyewear can defend against. If you work with chemicals or corrosive agents, for instance, safety eyewear can save your eyes from potentially blinding chemical burns. Intense ultraviolet light is another danger you want to avoid. Even a "safe" office environment may be exposing your eyes to steady doses of HEV light, a blue-tinged light emitted by LED monitors. This form of light has been associated with computer vision syndrome and even macular degeneration.

Prescription Eye Protection at Our Optometry Center

Eyeland Optical can fit you with prescription eye protection that keeps you seeing clearly even as it safeguards your eyes against danger. If you or your kids are into sports, we can provide sports glasses or goggles that won't get it the way of athletic performance. If you need protection in your work or hobbies, we can provide the proper form of prescription eyewear for the job -- from ventilated, tinted wraparound goggles to lens coatings for your eyeglasses that filter UV or HEV light.

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You can't replace a pair of eyes, so make sure you're taking the best possible care of yours. Call our Aspen Hill optometry office for an eye exam appointment so we can discuss your protective eyewear needs!  


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