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When was the last time you went shopping for eyeglasses? And when was the last time you bought a pair of eyeglasses that you liked, a pair of eyeglasses you thought flattered your face and the way you look?  If you are like many people, your shopping resulted in purchasing a pair of eyeglasses simply because you needed them and couldn't find a pair of eyeglasses you liked, therefore, you had to settle for second best. You also probably hoped you could get in and out of the optometrist's office as quickly as possible, so you left with eyeglasses you thought was the best you could do.  At Eyeland we don't want you to settle for just any eyeglass frames.  Instead, we offer one of the largest collections of designer eyeglasses frames. When you visit us in the Aspen Hill/Silver Spring we ensure that you find precisely the eyeglasses that you are looking for.  At Eyeland Optical there is no settling for second best eyeglasses look.  We know there's eyeglasses you will like and chances are good that we have those eyeglasses in stock.

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Eyeland : Home of the Widest Selection Anywhere

At Eyeland Optical, our opticians, will make sure that you are fitted with eyeglasses that you like. We are proud to say that we can fit the finickiest clients.  And it's not that they are difficult people, they just have problems finding eyeglasses they like and that fits their lifestyle.  Fortunately, we work hard to bring the widest collection of designer eyeglass frames to our location in Aspen Hill/Silver Spring, MD.  We are sure that here you will find eyeglass frames you love.

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If it has been a while since you had your eyes examined, our optometrist can help you determine if you need glasses and if so, which types would be best for you.  After all, if you are a first-time eyeglasses wearer, you could probably use some help determining what is best for your situation.  After the optometrist performs an eye exam, we can fit you with contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses with designer frames, or even sunglasses.  We have everything to treat your eyes better than they have ever been treated before. Bring the prescription from your doctor and receive a discount when you buy eyeglass frame and lenses! 

Whatever your eye care needs might be, at Eyeland Optical we will provide it.  We encourage you to visit us. For the best in eye care and the biggest collection of eyeglass designer frames, call us at (301) 871-6454 [Silver Spring]. Who said vision can’t also be stylish? For insightful eye care schedule your eye exam appointment with the optometrist today.


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