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Conditions Treated By Our Eye Doctors in Silver Springs

At Eyeland Eyecare Centers, we know how important it is to detect eye disease as early as possible – and treat it as effectively and safely as possible. That’s why each of our optometry centers is staffed with talented optometrists and stocked with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, making it easier to detect tiny changes and fully evaluate your treatment needs. Whether you visit us in Silver Spring, you will find an optometry team that’s ready to get started on your treatment plan. But first, we start with a diagnosis.

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Common Eye Conditions We Treat

So, which eye conditions do we diagnose and treat most frequently? Our eye doctors have experience with a wide variety of eye and vision conditions, but each diagnosis is completely unique, so each patient’s treatment plan must be unique too. Here are some of the most common eye conditions and diseases treated by our eye doctors:

  • Nearsightedness and Farsightedness – These common refractive errors make it difficult to focus on distant or close-up objects, often causing headaches due to constant eye strain; we offer corrective eyewear to correct both errors
  •  Diabetic Retinopathy – This side effect of diabetes is actually one of the earliest warning signs of diabetes, and our eye doctors help patients treat damaged blood vessels and prevent further eye damage and vision loss
  • Macular Degeneration – A progressive disease most common among our aging patients, this condition will cause blindness without treatments and supplements to slow down its progression
  • Cataracts – Also associated with aging, cataracts are cloudy spots that form on each eye’s lens, obscuring your vision until they can be removed surgically
  • Dry Eye Syndrome – Whether you stare at bright screens all day or have a condition that affects your tear duct function, our optometrists offer eye care services such as prescription eye drops that simulate tears and lubricating plugs that produce them for you  

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Are you living with an eye condition (or common symptoms of one)? You deserve relief, and you need an optometrist who will put your long-term vision and eye health first as they develop a treatment plan. Come to one of our local optometry center for answers. At Eyeland Eyecare Center, we always start with a thorough series of eye exams and vision exams to fully understand your diagnosis. We offer treatments and other eye care services in Aspen Hill (Silver Spring). Fill out our online form to request an appointment with an eye doctor .


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