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Our optometrists at Eyeland Optical help patients and their families take the first step toward healthier eyes and healthier bodies. If a disease or other conditions are detected, doctors of optometry can help navigate patients to the right prevention plans or the next steps in official diagnosis and treatment.During the eye exam, the eye doctor checks not only visual acuity through refraction but also the health of your eyes, eye tissue and other diseases. Each patient's symptoms, along with the eye doctor of optometry’s professional judgment, will determine what tests are conducted.

At Eyeland Optical you will receive the comprehensive eye exam by the optometrist. Our doctors are fully-licensed, board-certified Doctors of Optometry. We only partner with optometrists who share our dedication to patient care and service. We believe that focus on patient care is the difference we provide, offering individualized services to fit each unique eye care need. We not only perform an exam, we let you know what we’re doing and why it’s important for your eye health. 

Eye doctors use a wide variety of tests and procedures to examine your eyes. These tests range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests, such as using a high-powered lens to visualize the tiny structures inside of your eyes.

A comprehensive eye exam can take about half an hour or more, depending on the eye doctor and the number and complexity of tests required to fully evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes.

Want to see if you have 20/20 vision? Need glasses but otherwise doing well? A routine eye exam is the exam for you! It includes an ocular health evaluation, eyeglass prescription, and a screening to help detect eye disease and provide a baseline for optimal health monitoring.

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