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Polarized Glasses for Aspen Hill 

You were expecting to need some form of eye protection against the glare of a hot summer's day on the beach, water, or highway -- but you were probably just as surprised to find yourself still squinting even after you purchased those sunglasses. The problem is that glare can sometimes bounce up from bright surfaces in ways that ordinary glasses or sunglasses can't block. That's why you need to check out the polarized glasses and sunglasses Eyeland Optical provide for Aspen Hill residents. Bring the prescription from your doctor and receive a discount when you buy frame and lenses!

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What Makes Polarized Glasses Different?

Polarized glasses are designed to address a very specific issue -- light bounced upward from below. Light waves can come at your eyes from many directions and angles. When you're outdoors, most of those rays are beaming down at you from the sun overhead, but those rays are also bouncing off of all the objects surrounding you. While a basic pair of sunglasses can filter out the glare from most of these sources, they can do little to protect from bright, blinding glare shining up from a snowdrift, sand dune, cement highway, or sparkling lake. This glare is not only painful and annoying, but it can also prove dangerous is you're trying to drive, navigate a boat, or perform a risky athletic maneuver.

Polarization is optometry's answer to this problem. Polarized lenses have a special filtering element that acts almost like a set of shuttered blinds against a window. This allows them to block light trying to enter the eye at an upward angle without filtering rays coming in at other angles. The result is an ideal mix of clarity and glare protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Some people who work challenging indoor lighting conditions may even benefit from them during their work hours.

Our Optometry Center Has Your Glare Protection

Trust Eyeland Optical to fit you with the perfect pair of polarized glasses or sunglasses for your needs. We can provide you with tinted or non-tinted polarization options depending on whether you're purchasing indoor or outdoor lenses. (You might even consider polarized photochromic lenses that can serve both purposes.) Our optometry team can check your vision, discuss your lifestyle and work habits, and steer you toward the right combination of lenses, coatings, and filters.

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Are you ready to discover how helpful polarized glasses or sunglasses can make your life safer and more enjoyable? Call our Aspen Hill office today to schedule an appointment for an eye exam and check out our selection of eyewear!


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