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Eyeland Eyecare Centers is a modern, independent optical practice conveniently located in Aspen Hill (Silver Spring), Maryland. Established in 1984, the practices are committed to providing a professional, comprehensive optical service of the highest quality, in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Eye Examinations

We conduct complete eye examinations using the most up-to-date optical equipment, including relevant tests for VDT operators. We are reliable, helpful and friendly according to the people who matter: our customers. With more than 100 different ways to test your eyes are working correctly, our eye doctors select the tests most appropriate for you. A comprehensive eye exam not only provides an accurate assessment of your ability to see, but also gauges the general health of your eyes and helps with early identification of health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Our optometrists provide comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. Call us to schedule your eye exam appointment.


We offer a wide range of spectacle frames to suit every lifestyle. Our vast selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses. There are metal and plastic options, with or without nose pads. Nose pads can be helpful for glasses to sit firmly. It is also beneficial for those patients without a prominent nose bridge. Frames for patients with allergies made out of certain metals are also available. There is a selection of sport goggles that we can do with and without prescription. Protective safety glasses are also available. Our opticians here at Eyeland will use their expertise in finding that perfect frame that matches your style, facial features, and prescription. We can adjust any frames including Warby Parker eyeglasses frames. Stop by our offices today and we will help you find your next pair of glasses and sunglasses.

Contact Lens Fitting and Contacts

There is no contact lens size that fits all eyes. You may experience discomfort or even damage to your corneas if the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye. We will take measurements to properly determine the best contact lens size and function for your eyes. You must have an adequate tear film to keep the contact lenses and your cornea sufficiently moist and hydrated and to properly qualify for wearing contact lenses. This test may be performed with a liquid dye placed on your eye so your tears can be better observed, or by using a thin strip of special paper (placed under your lower lid) to see how well your tears moisten the material. If you have dry eyes, contact lenses may not be right for you. Furthermore, the amount of tears you produce may determine which contact lens material may be best appropriate.

If your eyes surface is found to be somewhat irregular, because of astigmatism for example, you may require a special lens design known as a “toric” contact lens. In the past, only gas permeable contact lenses could correct for astigmatism. There are now many brands of soft toric lenses, which are available in disposable, multi-focal, extended wear and even colored versions. Call us to schedule an appointment for your contact lens fitting.
In addition, we are able to offer a full range of lenses, including the latest disposables.

Prescription Sunglasses, Sunglasses and Accessories

A full range of sunglasses and accessories are also stocked. All of our designer sunglasses have premium UV protection. Eyes of every age, gender, and color need protection. The sun does not discriminate. Your eyes are for life not just your holidays! Protect them all year round. Polarized lenses for sunglasses remove reflections and glare and will provide a sharper image than you would find in a traditional tinted sunglass lens. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or driving in the car, and still need vision correction, prescription sunglasses are perfect for soothing the eyes. Since most prescription sunglasses manufacturers block 100% UV, prescription sunglasses are a healthy way to enjoy the outdoors (especially the beach) and driving using the darkest lenses available to protect against the brightness of the sun.

Vision Insurance

We accept a wide range of insurance plans. Please ask us questions about your optical insurance. Our staff will help you navigate the vision insurance options available to you. All insurance plans are welcome in our stores.


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