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Eyeglasses have been helping people see more clearly for many hundreds of years -- and even in today's era of advanced contact lenses and LASIK surgery, eyeglasses remain a simple, popular option for treating refractive errors. If you are looking for high-quality designer eyeglasses for any member of your family, look no further than Eyeland Eye Care Centers, your one-stop vision correction shop for Rockville and Aspen Hill.

Your Source for Designer Eyeglasses

Glasses have evolved over the years, transforming from utilitarian devices into elegant fashion statements. Our optical clinic offers a broad spectrum of designer eyeglasses to choose from including leading names in the fashion world as:

  • Jimmy Choo
  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Dior
  • Fendi
  • Mykita
  • Ray-Ban
  • Burberry
  • Lindberg
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Versace

....and many others. But even the most beautiful frames must suit your face perfectly, and our team can provide assistance in that department as well. We can help you identify the frame styles, shapes, and sizes that flatter your facial structure and complexion while also ensuring a comfortable fit and improvement to your vision. Children and adults alike will find their all-time favorite pair of glasses right here!

Lens Options for Prescription Eyeglasses

Of course a pair of eyeglasses is only as good as its ability to meet your specific vision needs. Once our eye doctors have performed the necessary eye and vision tests to determine your corrective prescription, it's time to select the ideal lens options for your budget, vision, and lifestyle. Glass is rarely used for lenses these days, since it's so heavy and poses a dangerous shatter risk. The most shatter-resistant material is polycarbonate plastic, which makes it a great choice for kids, athletes, and people who work around flying debris. CR-39 is a cost-effective all-around performer. If you have a very strong prescription or want extremely lightweight glasses, Trivex and high-index lenses will suit you best.

Our eye doctor may prescribe either single-vision or multifocal lenses for your prescription glasses. Single-vision lenses work fine for uncomplicated refractive errors. If you have presbyopia, however, multifocal glasses can help by giving you multiple corrective fields for all distances. In addition to traditional lined bifocals or trifocals, we can fit you with progressive lenses. Last but not least, we can add anti-glare or anti-scratch coatings, specialized tints and other extras to enhance your prescription eyeglasses' performance.

Schedule Vision Testing From Our Optometrist

From gorgeous frames to state-of-the-art lenses, Eyeland Eye Care Centers has your eyeglass needs covered. Call any of our offices to schedule vision testing from our optometrist and learn more about our eye-catching options!


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