Comprehensive Eye Wellness Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam From The Eyeland Eye Care Center

Routine eye exams help you detect vision problems before they get serious and result in permanent damage. Often times eye disease and health problems exist before they begin to show any symptoms. The Eyeland Eye Care Center provides comprehensive eye exams for individuals of all ages, including children to help you keep your eyes healthy and to reduce threats to your vision.

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Types of Eye Care Services

At Eyeland Eye Care, we provide a variety of services for our patients. Some of these services include:

  • Vision screening
  • Contact lens screenings and care
  • Computer vision treatment
  • Sports vision treatment

What to Expect During an Eye Care Exam

If you’ve never had an eye exam before or haven’t been in a while and aren’t sure what to expect, there are a few steps in the eye care exam that are routine for all patients. For new patients, we will have your fill out your medical history and provide a list of any medications you are currently taking. We will also discuss any vision problems you might be having.

Second, you will complete a few vision tests, including reading from an eye chart and looking through a series of lenses to check to see if your current prescription is correct. This test also helps determine if you need glasses if you do not currently wear corrective lenses. Your optometrist may dilate your pupils with special drops in order to see the structure of your eyes. You’ll be asked to sit for an applanation tonometry test that sends a puff of air onto your eye to test for glaucoma. A cover test will also be performed to test for eye alignment. Finally, a slit lamp exam allows the doctor to look at the surface of the eye to detect any anomalies. This comprehensive exam typically takes less than an hour.

Once complete, our caring doctors will discuss the current condition of your eyes and any requirements for corrective lenses. If you do need glasses or contacts, you will then pick out the ones that are best suited to your budget and personal preference.

Eye health is determined through regular exams to establish the extent and rate of progression of a condition. At a minimum, an annual comprehensive eye exam is highly recommended regardless of age. A comprehensive eye exam is absolutely necessary to determine developing vision issues and the progression of chronic conditions

Our eyes change over time, and even the smallest change can affect your vision prescription and the clarity of your sight. During a yearly comprehensive eye exam, we’ll prescribe you with the most accurate degree of vision correction to give your eyes the help they need to see clearly.

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Because of your vision changes from year-to-year, it’s important to have a routine eye exam. This exam can detect medical conditions, eye diseases and developmental problems with vision. To ensure you see things clearly, contact Eyeland Eye Care Center in Aspen/Silver Spring at (301) 871-6454 to schedule an appointment today.


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